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From Budapest to Bangkok, I share my travel tips, memories, itineraries and more. 





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My chronicles and images of exploring Australia. I arrived in February 2017 on a working holiday visa and haven't looked back!

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See the beauty of this country as I live life down under.


Explore some of my favorite campsites and serene nature.


My personal thoughts as I live abroad


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currently based in Melbourne, Australia 


About Me


I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, just outside the city. My younger years were shaped by traveling with family to England extensively, though I didn't get my own desire to travel until I was 18. I studied fashion and photography at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, which led me to have a 5 year love affair with the city. Through social media, the people I met, and new experiences shaping my identity, I began to feel the need to explore outside this beautiful city.


With a background and bachelor's degree in fashion, and a personal passion for modeling, I originally started this blog as an outlet for inspiration as well as writing my own posts about shoots I had done. I began to merge my existing love for modeling with my new found love for travel and began writing about my experiences modeling abroad.

Backpacking Southeast Asia in 2016 changed my life.

Once I returned from my 3 and a half month trip to 11 countries, I couldn't imagine going back to a "normal life". I'm determined to have travel as my main goal, and related to my career. After the trip I began preparations to apply for a Working Holiday visa in Australia, as I just wasn't satisfied with being in one place for too long. 

I moved to Melbourne, Australia in February 2017 and have been here ever since. This place has allowed me so much room for growth and independence, and the ability to fall in love and re-pursue some old hobbies I had lost over the years-photography being the main one. Now this blog has been reborn as I want to focus on travel, mainly my own experiences in Australia as well as worldwide. I hope to share the joy and learning experiences travel has given me with the world and encourage others to get out there as well.