Home away from home: London & Astor Hostels

Coming back to London always feels like coming home. Something familiar and exciting and new all at the same time. I had the pleasure of staying with Astor Hostels in the Museum location for a week. The location was amazing, I felt like royalty in one of the most prestigious British neighborhoods, and right across from the British Museum(they also have a few other amazing locations, like South Kensington and Hyde Park!). 

The rooms are spacious, even in a dorm setting; I never felt like someone had their things all over mine, which is such a great feeling after being cramped in some other dorms on this trip. I loved being able to wake up and look out the window onto the street, seeing people on their way to work or headed to the museum. It made me feel like I lived there, like I had my own little apartment. One of my favorite moments was on a rainy Saturday morning just sipping tea in the kitchen and listening to the Beatles play over the speakers. One of those moments where I really just felt like, “Wow, I’m in London. This is it.”

I never felt more at home, in my “home” city away from home. The staff were all welcoming, and I really enjoyed hanging out with all of them.  The hostel organizes activities and walking tours every day, with different themed dinner nights and activities throughout the week, I wish I could’ve stayed way longer to try them all.  Some highlights included park Frisbee, and an 80s theme party. I attended a pub crawl on a Friday night, and while I was a little hesitant about going at first, overall I’m so glad I went because without it, I wouldn’t have met the friends I did. Many of the following nights were spent laughing in the downstairs courtyard, sharing stories of travel and just connecting. Everyone was so genuine and I wish I could’ve stayed longer to be with them. Hostels are such a make or break part of the solo traveling experience and I’m so glad I chose Astor because not only do I have beautiful memories of London, but I have a place to call “home” and friendships to last a lifetime