Paris In 2 Days On A Budget

Paris in 2 days? Am I crazy?! Probably. While I had 9 days to spend in London, I used 2 of those days to hop over to Paris. With the Eurostar running trains all hours of the day and night, the two hour ride is extremely do-able, and comfortable. I even got to experience one of their newer trains with wifi on board! If you are in London, Paris is only a short trip away! You could even go for a day trip if you like! Take it from me, you will never regret taking the extra time to go to Paris. Despite having been a few times before, the city never gets old nor any less beautiful! In fact, I find each time better than the last in new ways. I always find exhilarating places to explore, a new neighborhood to stroll through, and some scenic sites to soak up. There's nothing like revisiting the classics(they're classics for a reason) but I always try to add a few new things as well.

Must do:

Have a picnic in front of Eiffel Tower. The view is great and you can save money instead of splurging at the fancier cafes nearby. Get a mini wine and maybe a baguette or salad to go and you're all set. Don't buy booze from the guys selling it in the park, you can probably find it cheaper in the corner stores nearby. I love the lawn to the left of the tower(if you're coming from Ecole Militaire metro station). Weekday mid afternoons are the best time without much of a crowd.

 Carbs don't count if you're in Paris;)

Carbs don't count if you're in Paris;)

Go to the "Classics". I think these are a must and depending how much time you spend at each you can really do them all in a couple hours. Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and the Notre Dame. I think those are the ones that are a must if it's your first time in Paris. You can walk or take the metro to these! I was able to do 2-3 of those in one day with the afternoon to spare.

Go to a museum. Paris is stock full of them. I try to go to one I have never been to before. Louvre is massive and could take a full day to go through; plus having been before, I couldn't justify the entry price this time. If you haven't been to the Louvre and have more than 2 days in the city of love, I fully recommend it as there's so much to look at. I chose Musee de L'Orangeriethis time instead and marveled at the Monet!

Walk with no destination in mind. This is possibly the easiest to do and the cheapest. I highly recommend the Montremarte & Le Marais neighborhoods. Montremarte has an amazing view of the whole city and cute cafes and street art. Le Marais has a wonderful selection of secondhand boutiques, street food, and probably the best falafels of my life!

 An unplanned stroll in Montremarte led to free glasses of wine and conversations with locals. Embrace spontaneity! Go with the flow.

An unplanned stroll in Montremarte led to free glasses of wine and conversations with locals. Embrace spontaneity! Go with the flow.

If you have a little more time here are some other places I recommend:

-Père Lachaise Cemetery (a beautiful walk year round and many celebrities buried here)

-Take a day trip to the Palace of Versailles. I really wanted to squeeze it in this year but unfortunately the 2 days was not enough to do so. I have been before years ago and it is so stunning! It is about a little over an hour or so on the train out of Paris, and you really need a full day to deal with the entry lines(!!!) and to take in the scope of how massive the grounds and palace are.

- Go to the top of the EIffel Tower. My tip: Go later at night. We went around 11 pm, no lines, and even had a french speaker barter with the ticket takers to let us up to the top for half price since they were closing soon! Nothing beats being on top with the clock strikes midnight! This can be done if you have only 2 days, but don't go during the day, the lines will take time away from doing other things nearby.

If anyone ever offers me a trip to Paris, I will always make it work. This city I will never get tired of its endless beauty, history, and culture.