Tokyo Highlights Pt. 1

I really should have posted this sooner to my return, but what can you do when real life gets in your face upon returning home?? Here's some of my highlights, favorite moments, and tips regarding my travel in Japan this January.

The first half of our trip we stayed in Shibuya, near Shinsencho, which was really nice, surprisingly quiet and peaceful for only a 10 min walk to the scramble. Last year we stayed on the opposite side of Shibuya in Nanpeidai cho. I love the chaotic but somehow organized energy around the crossing. Everyone going about their day and crossing paths.

Last time I really enjoyed shopping at Shibuya 109 but this time I was a bit overwhelmed and I think I prefer shopping in Harajuku! You would really need to spend atleast a full day exploring all of Harajuku. Especially all the side streets down Takeshita I could go on and on but I think Harajuku is so inspiring, especially if you're into street fashion! I love seeing everyone's personal styles.

 This is Kinji, a fashion resale(thrift & vintage) store

This is Kinji, a fashion resale(thrift & vintage) store

Another place I really enjoyed revisting, a little off the beaten path, is Koenji. Cute shops and really mellow atmosphere. One of my favorite stores, Spank(see below) is there. A pastel paradise!

Okay another one of my favorite neighborhoods is Shimokitazawa. I can't get enough of it. The only way I can think of to describe it...hipster. Lots of cute restaurants and shops. We stumbled across this indoor market of thrifted and mostly handmade goods. SO inspiring, I love the way everything was visually merchandised.

Some of my favorite things in Tokyo that I definitely recommend:

go to Akihabara, especially at night!

Purikura is a must! I do it every time I stumble upon a booth and have 100 yen coins to spare. We probably did it about 6-8 times on the trip!

More to come in other posts, there is so much to reflect on!