New Years Lessons & Reflections

As 2016 came to an end, here are some of my important lessons I learned throughout the year and how I am going to make the most of 2017 with them:

1. Do what you want & Do it for you

It's not necessarily selfish to put yourself first. I definitely learned this year that there's a balance involved with making yourself happy and making others happy. I over exhausted myself multiple times trying to make plans happen to make other people happy but in the end I just was too emotionally and physically spent I wasn't able to be 100% there. If you take care of yourself you will be better equipped to meet other's needs too and be there for them. It's like in the airline safety videos-put on your air mask before helping others!

2. Do something that scares you(as often as you can)

Take risks, put yourself out there. Whether it means traveling alone or taking a new class or meeting new friends, you won't know how it will go until you try!  Despite traveling alone this year with social anxiety, I was surprised how "easy" it was to make friends. You simply go up to people, say hi, and talk to them about traveling. Talking to new people still intimidates me but the more I do it, the less it worries me. 

3. Don't do so much. Just Be

I am prone to being a workaholic and trying to get as much done as I can. Days planned from start to finish with little or no time for a break. This year I am learning the magic of saying "no" and taking a much needed break when I deserve one. 

4. Go somewhere new

Even if it's just a few towns over or a few countries over, get out there and see something you don't see every day. Make memories, new friends, take photos to look back and smile on. 


With 2017 a few days in, I'm ready to make this year my best! I'm setting goals that aren't so specific-more like ideas. I don't want to set something too specific only to not see it come to fruition. My goals for 2017 is to keep working with my blog, putting myself out there, traveling as much as possible, make and keep meaningful friendships, and live in the moment.