Great Ocean Road

I have been living in Australia for a little over a month now and finally made a trip to Great Ocean Road, something I wanted to do since my last visit to Melbourne. It was truly stunning, worth the wait. I do plan on doing it again, I would love to stay longer and do some camping along the way. Here's some of my favorite spots and highlights:

Bells Beach: The first stop I wanted to see on the way to Great Ocean Road, located just shy of 2 hours outside Melbourne, was the beautiful Bells Beach. This is a popular surf spot, not so much of a chill hangout beach, but could be if you really fancied it. The views are incredible, This place at sunset must be stunning!

Teddy Viewpoint: A must see, the water is beautiful from above, the most unreal teals and turquoises! It is located near Lorne, and near the next stop, waterfalls! 

Erskine Falls: I love this spot, its a short hike down some steep stairs to get there, then climbing over the rocks in the riverbed, but the view is totally worth it. Would love to go back after some heavy rainfall and really take it all in!

Twelve Apostles: The most infamous and notable Great Ocean Road destination! Sadly only a fair few of the apostles remain, due to erosion. Also probably the most crowded spot, as many tour companies drop off bus loads of tourists at all times of the day, whereas I hardly saw more than 10 people at any of the other stops. Despite the crowds, this natural beauty is well worth seeing and still a marvel to take in. I would definitely come back.

Loch Ard Gorge: This stop just a few minutes past the Twelve Apostles was one of my favorites, and also the last stop. It's a stunning little bay with clear blue waters and mild waves. Again, lots of people here too but still nonetheless beautiful and worth the stop. Would totally love to swim and picnic here!

After these pictures, I'm sure you can see why I'm in love with Australia!