Chance of Sunshine

Melbourne's weather touted a 60% chance of rain the day Ollie and I were shooting. If living here for two months has taught me anything, is to never trust the weather because it will be all over the place! We decided to meet a few hours before sunset to try to beat the rain. We ended up at Carlton Gardens and shot and wandered, making the most of the unexpected sunlight. Can't get over the grove of trees, and all those beautiful fall colors. Melbourne is truly putting on a show as I'm watching the seasons change here.

I'm trying to be more sustainable, and budget conscious with my clothing lately so this shoot is styled from all thrifted items, except for my shoes. The denim jacket came from a stall in Camden Market in London, the top from a sweet lady's small store in Thailand, skirt from one of my favorite resale chains in Tokyo(Don Don Down!), and the necklace came from a op shop across from my place here in Richmond, Melbourne. Arriving to Melbourne with one suitcase and styling shoots from that has been a challenge, but one I am up for, as it allows me to bring fashion I've gathered from all over the world together, and also succeeding at being a "bitch on a budget" as I lovingly call it. 

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