Melbourne Day Trips: Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a perfect day trip, just about 1 hour and 45 minutes outside Melbourne. You'll cruise through farms and wineries, as well as coastline on your way down there, which also make for fun stops. The island is actually much larger than I anticipated and has plenty of beaches for surfing as well. 

First stop was the Penguin Parade at the far end of the island. We didn't know the Penguin Parade was a nighttime activity, so when we arrived at 3pm, they told us it was free to go in and wander around! This beach was beautiful, deserted, and windy! Truly took my breath away. There are many little boxes all over the inland area where the penguins rest during the day(did you know they're nocturnal?). We did manage to see about 3 during our time here but it is not gauranteed. Plenty of wild wallabies though! 

Next stop was the Nobbies Center. This was the most beautiful stretch of coastline ever! Reminds me back home of California so much! Again very windy but worth it to walk along and admire the scenery. A few penguins here as well.

We managed to make it to Phillip Island Nature Park 45 minutes before their closing. They have many animals native to Australia all throughout the small park, from emu to wombats, koalas and more. My favorite part was feeding the kangaroos and wallabies. The kangaroos were much more assertive than I thought, they all wanted the food! Watch out for their little claws! Some of them will gently grip your hand while they eat the food out of it, so cute! Saw many adorable babies in their mothers pouches!

All in all a beautiful Aussie day, a lovely excuse to get out of the city and truly see what Victoria has to offer!!