Canunda National Park

I had the best time camping at Canunda National Park in South Australia. Friends in Mt. Gambier were the reason for our visit and after the 6 hour drive from Melbourne we did not want to go back after just a few days. We decide to scope out this campsite and spend an extra night in the area. We were not disappointed as we had the whole beach and campsite to ourselves; guess that's one of the perks of camping in the winter! Our friends from South Australia said this was not a popular spot, especially for camping and I really can't see why! It was gorgeous, and vast. We explored as soon as we got there and set up the tent, from mid afternoon onwards. Our campsite at Geltwood Beach was about a 5 min walk to the beach! The beach seemed endless and stretching out in every direction. The sand dunes were my favorite part, walking up all of them to the view of the beach was breath taking. We could hear waves crashing all night which was luxuriously relaxing. Sitting by the fire with soup and tea was just what I needed. There weren't any trees to attach the hammock too but we made do attaching it to a sign and the structure of the campsite bathroom-gotta make it work! The most relaxing feeling was rocking gently in the hammock while stargazing. Despite a few persistent clouds, we still managed to get a few decent long exposure star shots. We got rained on a little in the morning but packed up shortly after it started coming down. I honestly wouldn't mind another 6+ hour drive just to go back to this beautiful secluded paradise!

My favorite part about the Geltwood campsites are how secluded they are. Each is hidden by the beach shrubbery, and feels very private. As we were the only ones at this campsite, we wandered around at each at night trying to find the best place for our star shots. Definitely camp at Canunda if you're driving through SA or just want to camp at a gorgeous beach!