Cape Otway Blanket Bay

We've been wanting to camp Otways for ages and due to many weekends of rain there we had to delay and delay our plans. We finally had a non rainy night and knew we had to take the chance. Blanket Bay was our choice for a campground as many of the other ones we had in mind were fully booked. I ended up loving this spot! It was quiet and peaceful even though there were a few others camping nearby. It was the closest we've been able to camp near a beach. We had a lovely grove of trees around the spot, and even had a koala right there too. 

This spot had the best sunrise and sunset I've seen here in Australia. We managed to get a few star shots here but not as many due to the moon being so bright and in range the whole night. It did manage to light the beach perfectly for my long exposure though..

I also loved all the shells at this beach, including many many little abalones!

This campsite is an easy drive from Melbourne and makes for a beautiful excuse to see the Great Ocean Road on the way home. I can't wait to camp Otways again!