Golden Beach

Another beautiful beach campsite here in Victoria, located just south of Lakes Entrance and about 2.5-3 hours east of Melbourne. I love the secluded feel as Golden Beach camping area as there was over 12 campsites in that one area to choose with, each with anywhere from 2-10 camp spots on that area. We chose campsite number 9 as it was a close walk to the beach and also hidden under the three canopy-perfect for the hammock. 

This beach is 90 miles long, and really looks so endless! It is the best beach I've encountered for finding beach shells. So many beautiful ones washed up on the shore.

Our campground was about a 10 minute walk from the Trinculo shipwreck. You can see the metal remains of the ship emerging from the sand.

As we were walking to the shipwreck we encountered-errr, disturbed accidentally the peaceful slumber of this sea lion. He gave us a growl and made his way back into the sea. They seem to be very common in this beach!

I didn't take as many photos here as usual cause we were caught up trying to get some drone footage(can't wait to share) and photos as well as using our Osmo to create a timelapse video.

No luck capturing the Milky Way or any star shots at this campsite as we had cloud cover the whole night. I really enjoyed the secluded feel of this campsite as the trees hid us from pretty much everything, and blocked us from the beach wind. This was also the first campsite I've been at here where I had good cell phone service-I usually go off the grid but this was so nice for streaming music from Spotify.

We definitely are planning another return to Lakes Entrance soon, definitely the more northern campsites and beach area, but we definitely want to return to this spot as well. This would be ideal for a summer bbq.