Camping at Grampians National Park

Our first camping trip together(and my first ever in Australia) was to Grampians National Park, just 3 hours outside of Melbourne. We chose a free campsite that we saw online, Plantations Campground, near Halls Gap. 

Plantation Campground: This campground was free and one of the major reasons why we decided to go. It is rather large, about 20 spots, and for a Sunday night when we went it was pretty full! We struggled to find a free spot that was to our liking but in the end I'm happy with the one we went for. Set up just in time to see some kangaroos hopping away in the dusk. We posted up by the fire pretty quick once the sun went down. We spent most of the night rotating between sitting by the fire, swinging in the hammock, and taking long exposures of the stars. This was the clearest view of the stars I had ever seen in my life. You truly can see the MIlky Way with the naked eye, and the long exposures we took on the camera truly made it that much more visible. We saw a few shooting stars here, and we set up our tripods in a little clearing right near our tent. 

We woke up around sunrise and got a fire going around to cook a last campsite meal. I loved watching the sun light paint the cliffs and mountains a gorgeous red color with their glow. After a quick campfire oatmeal brekkie paired with some green tea, we dismantled our setup and hit the road to catch some views of the Grampians before heading back to Melbourne. The Balconies lookout was our favorite!

I would so go back to this campground, I had an absolute blast. Grampians is so full of beauty and memories for me!