Lake Tyers

After our previous trip to camp at Lakes Entrance, we made a return not too long after to fully explore the area. East Gippsland Victoria has so much to offer a nature lover! Our last campsite had the beach, this time we were nestled in a gum forest and right on a serene and still lake.

We set up the hammock right away and relaxed in a gentle breeze. It did start to pick up speed and rain later on in the night in a short storm(seriously, the rain lasted less than 10 minutes).

But after that passed we were graced with the most beautiful warm and golden sunset, which of course is my favorite time to snap some photos!

ironbark (5 of 10).jpg

This was also the first time using our new Darche swag and a self inflating mattress. Those are our go-tos now! The swag is waterproof which was perfect for waiting out the rain and it keeps us cozy warm on these winter nights.

ironbark (8 of 10).jpg
ironbark (9 of 10).jpg
ironbark (10 of 10).jpg

We definitely plan on returning back to the Ironbark campsite at Lake Tyers. It was beautiful, we were the only ones there(although maybe that's because we camp in the winter when most think it's too cold!), and it was just so calm, easy to just sit back and take it all in.